Character Word/ Artists of the Month

August - Enthusiasm

  • A positive attitude.
  • Strong feeling of excitement towards student activities, school and community.
  • Willing to work hard without complaint
  • Eager to learn new things

September - Enthusiasm

  • A positive attitude
  • Strong feeling of excitement toward student activities, school and community
  • Willing to work hard without complaint
  • Eager to learn new things

October - Responsibility

  • Does what they are supposed to do
  • Always does their best
  • Uses self-control
  • Is self-desciplined 



Artist -                           

Musician - George Gershwin


Artist -

Musician - Yo- Yo Ma 


November - Honesty

  • Always tells the truth
  • Is sincere
  • Is forth right
  • Is not tricky or deceptive without complaint



December - Trustworthiness

  • Honest
  • Doesn't deceive, cheat or steal
  • Reliable
  • Follows through with commitments




January - Respect

  • Treats others with respect
  • Uses good manners, not bad language
  • Is considerate of the feelings of others
  • Doesn't threaten, hit, or hurt anyone  

Artist -

Musician - Lindsay Sterling


Artist -

Musician - Frank Sinatra


Artist -

Musician - Anna Netrebko


February -Compassion

  • Is kind, loving and considerate
  • Expresses gratitude
  • Is not cruel, mean or insensitive
  • Helping others

March -Integrity

  • Has the courage to do what is right
  • Stands up for beliefs
  • Lives by principals no matter what others say
  • Follows conscience

April -Fairness

  • Is able to play by the rules
  • Is open minded; listens to others
  • Does not blame others carelessly
  • Does not take advantage of others

Musician - Miles Davis


Artist -   

Musician - Julie Andrews


Artist -   

Musician- Pentatonix 


May - Citizenship

  • Helps to make school & community better
  • Obeys laws and rules
  • Gets involved in community affairs
  • Respects authority





June - Patience

  • Ability to remain calm while waiting for what you want, without getting angry or upset


Musician - Alan Menken


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